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Travel restrictions to Portugal could soon to ease

Mark Blezard reports on the latest COVID restrictions

Despite Portugal (and therefore Madeira) being on the UK 'red list,' it is widely believed that it could be possible to visit Portugal as soon as early May.

Mark Blezard speaks about tourism to Portugal

Speaking to the BBC, in early March, Ms. Marques said. “For the time being non-essential journeys have to be restricted but we believe Portugal can allow unrestricted travel very soon – not just for vaccinated people but for those who are immune or who have tested negative.” The Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism qualified, 'very soon' to meaning “it will happen soon, within the next two months. Maybe in May, the beginning of May” – adding that “everything (will be) ready” to allow the British to visit as soon as their own government lets them.

British holidaymakers account for a significant percentage of the Portuguese tourism sector, so Portugal is keen to open up the gates as soon as possible. It is believed that holders of the new 'vaccine passport' will be welcome to visit Madiera once again. Of course, this does not mean that it will not be necessary to stay in a quarantine hotel upon return.

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