Once you've arrived you can enjoy not just the views but also the church, Church of Nossa Senhora, which can be seen from the streets of Funchal and is open to the public. Inside a precious statue of the Virgin Mary can be found which is reputed to be responsible for many miracles.


When travelling from Funchal to Monte, as with any journey up into the hills, you will note a drop in temperature. So, if you are just warm enough in Funchal take a coat or jumper to Monte. This will be especially welcome if you plan on visiting the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens.

Monte, Funchal Cable Car

If you are staying in Funchal you do not need a car to reach Monte.

Simply take the cable car from Funchal Old Town and you will have the most picturesque journey (not to mention less stressful!). Even better, Monte is the start of the famous Monte Toboggan Ride where very skilled Madeirans will steer your "basket" down incredibly steep roads using wooden clogs to both slow and change direction.

However, not everyone enjoys the cable car ride. Emotions can run from "fun" to "fear" in a matter of seconds.


But it's well worth the ride, even if you don't like extreme heights, because the views are spectacular


The thing to remember, as you view the houses on cliff edges (as well as the cable car supports) is that Madeira is built on a solid volcanic rock so its foundations are solid!

Situated just 4km outside of Funchal town centre, this holiday rental is perfectly located for eating out, shopping, and sight seeing. Afterwards, return to breathtaking views and tranquility.


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