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Is Madeira a COVID safe destination? By Mark Blezard

Okay, first and foremost, note the date of this blog please, as everyone's situation is constantly changing. That said, we've had a lot of COVID & Madeira related questions, so here's a few answers and facts.

So far, Madeira has been very fortunate, with less than 500 cases (and just one death, a 97 yr old woman), compared to 158K in mainland Portugal. This is largely due to its isolation and size, much easier to police any restrictions, and no 'passing through' traffic.

Bars and restaurants are still currently operating but with restricted hours and numbers. It is very much business as normal, including most complex swimming pools.

The wearing of facemasks is mandatory from the age of 6 yrs upwards. This does not apply to outdoors, only bars, restaurants, shops, etc.

When traveling to Madeira you must take a COVID test either on departure or at the airport upon arrival. You must then remain in your chosen accommodation until the results are available. This is little more than 12 hours and waiting times are shortening each day. Quarantine on your return will depend upon your home destination, however, most do not have quarantine restrictions for those traveling back from the island because of so few cases.

So, one of the safer holiday destinations and we've just been awarded “Best Island Destination in Europe” for 7th time in a row!

Madeira and COVID 19 by Mark Blezard
Santana, Madeira

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