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Chrismas in Madeira

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

By Mark Blezard

So, this will be a very short blog as the pictures will tell you more than words possibly can.

Put very simply, three things you need to know about spending your Christmas break on this wonderful island (technically an archipelago, part of an underwater landmass of linked islands).

1) The Madeirians celebrate Christmas beyond most other countries I know, so the atmosphere is thick with seasonal greetings, warmth, fun, and joy. If Scrooge had lived on Madeira there would have been no need for the 'Christmas ghosts.'

2) The investment in lights and features, from shopping malls to the marina is astonishing

Mark Blezard reports on Christmas in Madeira
Christmas in Madeira

3) Madeira is warm all year round. December will be mid 20's degrees Celsius during the day and 16-18 in the evenings. Sure, maybe a little shower now and then but rarely anything that will ruin your day.

So, come on over. Madeira awaits to welcome you!

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