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The National Flower of Madeira, by Mark Blezard

The national flower of Madeira is often called the 'Bird of Paradise' because it resembles the plumage of said bird. However, it is also called the Crane Flower and Strelitzia.

Madeira by Mark Blezard
Bird of Paradise

A South African native, this plant is in full bloom during Spring, which is when the Flower Festival takes place, April or May - 4 weeks after Easter. Madeira is known as the island of flowers or the floating garden, and has the perfect climate for blossoms to thrive! No matter when you visit, the Madeira is always supporting several varieties of flowers in full bloom.

Madeira by Mark Blezard

The Flower Festival Parade has been held since 1979 and is one of the most striking and eagerly anticipated events of the entire festival, for tourists and residents alike. This event is known for the magnificence and splendour of the floats and costumes of the hundreds of participants, all richly adorned with many, varied and magnificent types of flowers, parading to the sound of festive musical themes.

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