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New COVID rules for Madeira, by Mark Blezard

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

COVID rules for Madeira by Mark Blezard

How will COVID affect Madeira?

Wednesday, November 25th, the regional government of Madeira has issued extra covid measures for the coming weeks.

For tourists and visitors, not much changed under the new Christmas covid rules. You still get tested upon arrival if you don’t already carry a negative result, and you still have to register with Fortunately, you can still eat out and visit bars so long as you wear a mask when moving around. The difference lies in the measures for residents and returning emigrants.

It would appear that most of the new cases in Madeira are between local populations, mostly students. Previously, people who went to the mainland abroad for only a short period of 72 hours or less, were exempt from testing upon arrival at the airport. How this rule was ever passed is beyond belief.

From hereon, residents or migrants who return to the island have to undergo two PCR-tests under the new Christmas covid rules. One upon arrival, another one 5 to 7 days after arrival. In the meantime, they have to self-isolate. So, you can imagine the upset this is causing families who have relatives returning from the mainland for a Christmas reunion.

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